X Platform License Generation

Please select the type of license desired, enter your email address and click the "Generate License" button. You will then receive an email with instructions on how to use the license. If you have already generated a free license before, the same license will be resent to you. If you have generated an evaluation license before that has not yet expired, then the same evaluation license will be resent to you. If the evaluation license has expired, then a new evaluation license will be generated and sent to you subject to a maximum of 3 evaluation licenses per email address. Please see below for more information about the capabilities of a free and evaluation license. Commercial licenses are not managed via this page. Please contact your account manager or Neeve Sales for commercial licenses.

License Type:  

Email Address:

I acknowledge that I have read and agree to the license terms.

Types of X Platform Licenses

The following are the various types of X Platform licenses:

Evaluation License
Evaluation licenses are full featured licenses that expire 30 days after generation. Such licenses are provided for purposes of evaluating the X Platform. Neeve limits an email address to a maximum of three evaluation licenses.
Free License
Free licenses are production worthy licenses but limited to 8GB heap per JVM.
Commercial License
Commercial licenses unlock the heap size limitation of the X Platform. Please contact Neeve Sales to purchase commercial licenses.

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